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Let’s be at one to the beat of the drum!

Rhythm Fix wants to create a more rhythmically aware culture because drumming together strengthens our community by creating an experience of undeniable belonging. We may meet for the first time, but as we play together in circle, we give ourselves a rhythmical massage, an emotional release and a healing. As membraneous amplifiers, the drum’s acoustic vibration is played by all and the beat affects and holds us all like a mothers heartbeat.

Human made rhythms are not a passive listening but an active participatory in-the-moment experience.

With long term experience in the music industry through performing in contemporary and wold music bands, running corporate and community group workshops and school incursions, Martin Phillips formed Rhythm Fix, a Fremantle / Perth based rhythmic events, drumming tuition, drum sales and services provider. As a performer and local facilitator, he has his ear to the beat of Freo (Fremantle); the cultural mecca of WA.

Drumming Events, Sales & Repair

We can provide you with skilled African drumming workshops, unifying modern drum circles, passionate facilitators, energising world music performances and Djs, interactive whole school incursions, ongoing drum classes and we can also skin, tune and repair your broken djembe, dundun, conga or bongo drums.

Looking to buy a drum we sell African djembes and Native American frame drums.

What’s on

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Teambuilding & Corporate Events

Village drumming was used to enliven and bond the community and we can fix this missing vibe in our culture with rhythm events for staff development at work and energised team building for corporations. Rhythm Fix entertainers are perfect for award presentation nights, xmas parties and wind ups as well as ice breakers and spicing up your conference.

When the circle works as a team, everyone benefits, because we all hit THE GROOVE, where the energy flows, time stops and we all evaporate….that bliss only occurs when the circle works as a team. Those principles carry over into everyday life.

School Incursions

Our multi-cultural drumming incursions give the learner an experience of West African drumming as well as modern rhythma-culture that’s perfect for Harmony Week etc.

In our incursions, students can learn culturally specific rhythms on the popular djembe drum, rhythm games and dance offs and gain knowledge of African culture and insight into the band performance dynamics of a modern percussion ensemble.

Personal skills developed include; patience and listening, cooperation and teamwork, and non-competitive self-empowerment.

We can provide entertaining performances, drumming skills workshops and take the next step up from Drumbeat to DRUM JAM: a facilitated drum circle using mixed percussion that’s amazing for larger music room groups and mixed ages like Out Of School Hours Care (OOSHC) or a combination of all where the whole school is involved in an Interactive concert.

Our facilitators have been to 100’s of Perth schools already and are experts at making kids feel confident, engaged and included.

The Drumming Community

Rhythm Fix services all aspects of the community like special interest groups, festivals, full moon gatherings, private parties, weddings, aged care and disabilities.
We drum for fun and fitness, a sense of community, an introduction to rhythm and percussion technique, for musical expression, stress-reduction and wellness and for an experience of unity.

The spirit and magic of rhythm expressed on drums and percussion instruments cuts through all ages, sexes, religions, races, language and cultures.

There are many reasons for why a gathering of people in a circle is powerful. A circle is a shape that is found repeatedly throughout the natural world, and it is a symbol of perfection. We recreate this perfect shape when we join others to form a circle. Being in a circle allows us experience each other as equals. Each person is the same distance apart from the next participant, and no one is seated higher than or stands apart from others in a circle. From tribal circles to the mythical round table of King Arthur, the circle has been the shape adopted by gatherings throughout history.

The circle is acknowledged as an archetype of wholeness and integration, with the center of a circle universally understood to symbolize Spirit – the Source.

A community drum circle or workshop is created, “in the moment” by all the people who participate. Co-operation and collaboration is the basic glue. When we drum together, sharing our spirit in the form of rhythm, it changes our relationships. As we play together, we give of ourselves and give out a rhythmical massage and an emotional release.

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